Slangmagic was founded by Lance Thomas, Duke University graduate and NBA veteran. Lance was introduced to the sport of fishing by his best friend Kenjuan Nichols while attending Duke University. Since then, his love of fishing has grown from ponds and lakes, to the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico. He has been an avid angler for over 10 years, moving into the offshore circuit five years ago. He is also one of the youngest pro-athletes on record to obtain his OUPV and Master 100 Gross Ton Sea Captain's license. Lance has cast a wide net, morphing his natural-born competitiveness into an ambitious team of skilled offshore fishermen and a unique fishing brand comprised of clothing, gear, charity events and young ambassadors to create: Slangmagic.

Trust Your Work. I’ve learned and honed my skills under some of the best captains that fish in the Gulf of Mexico. I really take the time to study and pay attention to every lesson taught. I am ready for some big wins with the Slangmagic.
— Lance Thomas, Founder/ceo, slangmagic fishing llc

Slangmagic Fishing Team

When you’re fishing, it doesn’t matter how tall you are or how much you weigh. And, your age social status and gender are of no importance. The Slangmagic Fishing team is currently comprised of 8 members hailing from everywhere in the US: major cities, rural areas and abroad. SlangMagic is just as much of a family unit as they are a team. Since the inception of this diverse team in 2017, the Slangmagic fishing team first competed in the Faux Pas Rodeo in Venice, Louisiana and won their division with a trophy Mahi-Mahi. Slangmagic is currently working towards big wins at the 2018 Billfish tournaments.


Become A Young Slangmagic Ambassador

Are you a young fisherman at heart? Fishing not only builds social skills, self-confidence, motor skills, friendships and more but it’s a real sport that can also grow into a career. Lance is hard at work to ensure his fans receive the same support they provide to the SlangMagic Fishing team by offering a Youth Ambassador program for kids 18 and under.

Think you have what it takes to become a young SlangMagic Ambassador? Contact us today to learn more.