The Slangmagic Fishing Team was founded in Venice, Louisiana in 2017. The team is comprised of a diverse group of anglers hailing from all over the country. One word to describe us is UNIQUE— we have our own style, and steer clear of anything cookie cutter. Competition is something that we live for, but we never lose sight of what fishing is for all of us—FUN. Every year we compete in the Gulf Coast Triple Crown—the most prestigious Blue Marlin tournaments along the Gulf Coast. At the end of the day, Slangmagic Fishing is all about family and giving back. We organize events to give back to the community and inspire the youth to be leaders while doing so. Follow us on our journey to helping make a difference in the community, inspiring young men and women to become leaders, and eventually winning a Blue Marlin tournament.

I’ve learned and honed my skills under some of the best captains that fish in the Gulf of Mexico. I really take the time to study and pay attention to every lesson taught. Trust Your Work.
— Lance Thomas, Founder/ceo, slangmagic fishing llc