Kaleb Parfaite   - Youth Ambassador

Kaleb Parfaite- Youth Ambassador

We are looking for 10 avid anglers, male and female up to the age of 18 who love to fish. Must have Parental Consent. Additionally we will be putting our ambassadors through a leadership and personal development program called TRUST YOUR WORK. In this program we will help develop your leadership skills as well as help you achieve your goals in life. This model has been of extreme importance to me, and has helped me achieve things in life that I thought might be out of reach. We will set up a monthly schedule to speak with our ambassadors and not only support their love of fishing, but support their goals and help develop them into the ultimate leader in their community.

Ambassador Details

Phase 1

Includes a FREE Slangmagic T-shirt and a minimum of 2 posts/month in the shirt, tagging #slangmagic #teamslangmagic #slangmagicambassador #trustyourwork and @slangmagicfishing handle.

Phase 2

Obtained by holding your ambassador title for more than 2 months with a minimum of 10 posts in the Slangmagic gear. Upon completion, the ambassador will receive a FREE monthly tackle item based on their fishery to keep them catching fish. Upon receiving the gifts, the ambassador must have video and or pictures of them opening up the gifts and post to social using the required hashtags and @slangmagicfishing handle.

Phase 3

Special Surprise !!!!!